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Hey there! My name is Scott Beha and I am the Lead Pastor at Southridge Church in Charleston, West Virginia. Shortly after being called into full-time ministry as the Youth Pastor at Southridge Church in 2011, I was brought on as the Lead Teaching Pastor at Southridge Church and now serves as the Lead Pastor there. Pastor Scott and his wife Meghan have two kids, Landon and Olivia and reside in their hometown of Charleston, West Virginia.


As a Christ follower and Pastor, you naturally notice the brokenness and need for God in your community, neighborhoods and world. But several years ago, I began to notice the same brokenness and need for the Lord INSIDE the church. I came to the realization that we cannot be effective for Christ if we are not completely sold out for the cause of Christ. My desire and passion is seeing “Cultural Christians” fully devote their lives to Jesus!


Although my time in youth ministry was brief I still have and always have had a heart for teenagers. My teenage years were filled with a lot of bad decisions, shame, regret and hurt. I have always prayed that God would allow me to help just one person to not make the same choices I did and perhaps save themselves from the pain and heartaches that I experienced. This is not something that we can do in and of ourselves, but it is only through the life-changing power of Jesus in outlives that it is possible.


I am excited to share with you about who God is, who we are in Christ, and how we should live in light of who God is and who we are in Christ. I am highly anticipating an amazing move of God at the convention and I believe God is going to save many students from their sins, call students into full time ministry and missions work, encourage the discouraged and give purpose and direction to many who are seeking. I am looking forward to seeing each and every one of you at MYF in November! Let’s begin praying now for what I believe is going to be a weekend like no other! See you there!